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        Shanghai Yilong Enterprise was established in 1995, and now subdivided into four parts:

        Shanghai YiLong Plastic Manufaturer Co., Ltd.---majoring in plastic packing business

        Shanghai Shenhe Packing Technology Co.,Ltd.---majoring in plastic products business

        Shanghai Dongshi Paper Products Co.,Ltd.---majoring in paperpacking business

        Shanghai Chunkai Trading Co.,Ltd.---majoring in import and export business


        Yilong is located in China's economic center--Shanghai, also roots in Fengxian area where the packing industry of Shanghai originated.Three proprietary processing plants are located in Zhelin Town.Its nearest neighbor is Fengxian Bay Tourism Zone, which is only 5 km away.Near the factory area,a theme park is located.Ears are buzzing over the bees, eyes are glittering rape flowers,noses are full of flowers. Companies are close to G1501 Shanghai Ring Expressway,S20 Highway and Nanqiao town bus station, near the Subway Line #5 which is building. The traffic is very convenient.


        Shanghai Yilong Enterprise has been absorbed into building Shanghai No.1 online packaging company since 2013.Our wide variety of newly released well-made products is highly appreciated by famous brands such as Disney, Mengniu Dairy,Pepsi,etc.


        In 2014, Yilong Enterprise was awarded as cross-border E-business demonstration base by Alibaba Group. Professional leads to trust.It is not only the slogan of Yilong, but also the pursuit of it. In this way, we endeavor as always!